JCB Medical Sheepskin ProductsFeel it.. lie or sit on air

Medical sheepskins are specially tanned for medical care and comfort applications and to prevent pressure bedsores.

Lying or sitting on a medical sheepskin isolates the person from the underlying surface, ensuring that the body is kept at an even temperature so that the person feels more comfortable and bedsores are prevented.

The secret lies in the porous structure of wool, the elasticity of wool, the ability of wool to absorb and evaporate moisture, as well as the mesh of wool fibres that create air pockets that ensure excellent thermal isolation.

SM1.Medical sheepskins

SM2.Medical sheepskin crutch grips

SM3.Medical sheepskin wheelchair cushions without backrest

SM4.Medical sheepskin wheelchair cushions with backrest

SM5.Medical sheepskin heelpads

SM6.Medical sheepskin elbow pads

SM7.Medical sheepskin ring cushion covers

SM8.Medical sheepskin baby rugs

SM9.Medical sheepskin baby car seat covers

SM10.Medical sheepskin baby carrier covers